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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

61. Head West Young Man... Head West

Well, the move is officially over and I am so happy to be here. It has been an incredibly stressful but things have a way of working out for me when I put my mind to it. I'm living in San Francisco SOMA section and I'm actually paying $1,000 less than the average going lease price. I also shipped everything from terminal to terminal instead of from doorstep to doorstep and because I did the work I only paid $1400 dollars versus $3000 or $5000 if I had used movers. HaHa. I love finding ways to be a bargain hunter.

I also have interviewed and got into Rocket-Space for my new office space. They only take startups that have come out of accelerator programs and are already seed funded. So not only is the space rocking but it's full of teams that are movers and shakers. Should make some great connections here and learn a lot. Some of the teams that have come out of here are: Zappos, Uber, Zaarly, Giftiki, Mashape, PocketGems, Context Loigic to name a few. So this is another check in my column for getting in and it is 2 blocks from the Infinity Towers. (like I said... things have a way of working out)

So I made a quick little video picture mash up of the journey. Take a look.

Oh yaa... on a finally thought... I was here less than a day and was parking spot in the building and got talking to my new neighbor in the garage. He asked me why I relocated and I explained about my startup and how I had talked to a founder from the year before mine at MassChallenge incubator program. He explained that out here in California it is all about chance encounters. Running into a great new advisor while rock climbing or running into a VC at the coffee shop. Well my new friend in the garage had a big laugh and said, "Well your friend is right, I'm a partner at a VC firm and we should talk some more." Pretty narly that I met my first VC in less than 24 hours. I guess I'm in the right place. So glad I came out here. The energy is hard to explain unless your here.

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