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Thursday, September 29, 2011

53. Questions About My Pool

So a lot of people around MassChallenge heard I built my own pool and wanted to see a picture so I decided to put one up on the blog for everyone to see. So to get the excavator into my yard I had to build a big sand ramp to drive it over the sea wall. Once I started digging,at about 4 feet I hit the water table. YES. We are in a flood zone. So I improvised and decided to build up 2 feet to get to my depth of 6 feet that I wanted. In the photo I am finishing tiling the top.
So people have asked if I had any knowledge of how to do this when I started. Actually I had no idea what I was doing.... but I am never afraid to take on anything and I always seem to figure out a way to get what ever I put my mind to done. I hope this inspires other to do something crazy and take on a big challenge.

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