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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

51. I have big deal Law Firm

So the Intellectual Property is a big part of my company. So last week was a huge win for me. I pitched Gabor Garia (Head big wig over at Foley & Lardner) and he grilled me on my concept but in the end accepted me into  there accelerator program. What this means is I get $5,000 dollars worth of legal services to start off with. Then they will give me 10-15k worth of legal work (file patents/all the legal work for first round of funding, etc) and this will all be differed until our series A funding round. And if we never reach a series A... then I'm not on the line for the dough. Not too shabby... Thank you Gabor and Foley & Lardner. It's also nice to know I have a national firm if I need to bounce to the west coast.

So this is just another feather in the hat helping vet me to the start up community. I'm going to just keep chugging along but with a bit more confidence now knowing I have a big guard dog watching my back.

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