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Thursday, August 18, 2011

46. Intro Bumper

I am starting a show called SPTV for SKINNY prices Inc which will be a comical and fun fashion show which will help with marketing of my company. The show will be on my site but also on YouTube and other video sites. Anyone who watches the show will then want to check out the site. At least that is my theory to help drive traffic... Also, I am trying create a company that is not just about selling stuff. I trying to make the entire experience more entertaining and fun. Who says a shopping site can't have a show! And who says we can't build fans just like a television show or musician! Plus this is a ton of fun and that goes to my company beliefs that if you have fun with what you are doing the customers will too.

So with that being said... My show needs what is called a "bumper". This is the 15 or 30 second intro video before a show. I wanted to make it high energy and visually fun. It took me a while to learn adobe AfterEffect, PremierPro, Illistrator, Audition, and Photoshop. (Yes I used all of these programs and yes I am using the 30 day trial) Well here is my first try at a bumper: Enjoy the hell out of it because I f-in loving and it was a crap load of work.


  1. I was thinking of making an intro Bumper as well, is it worth studying and doing it yourself or paying someone to do it a better deal? I have a person that will do my 5 logos and 5 bumpers for $800

  2. This is really a question of time. Gaining the knowledge is beneficial but not at the cost of time. $800 sounds like a pretty good deal and allows you to focus on other things. The only other question is if they are good? Way that before you make your decision. Also... In the world of startups you must weigh the opportunity cost of the $800 bucks. Example: Is it better to do the fluffy stuff like logo and bumpers yourself and spend the money on better hosting, $800 spent on oDesk, or business equipment??? Logos/branding can change as you develop your idea. Then it was $800 bucks wasted.