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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

45. Company Culture

So I decided that I would love to have some company culture but being a team of one there is not much culture. So I'm going to try to get everyone here at MassChallenge (The business accelerator I'm in) to have some fun. I am officially making every Wednesday "Humorous Hat Hump Day!" I have secured the Twitter account @HHHDay and I want people to wear funny hats on Wednesdays and we will take pics and tweet them to #HHHDay. Feel free to join in. This made me laugh today and I ave already got a ton of smiles as I walk around. Hey... If your not having fun. Why bother! So grab a goofy hat and slap it on your head next Wednesday and snap a photo. I tell you this is going to catch on. All across the country Wednesday will be Humorous Hat Hump Day :)

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