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Thursday, August 18, 2011

48 Pay It Forward

Felt like I got a lot done so I decided to head down from MassChallenge and check out some free art and music (Thursday ICA has free entry and music on the water. So I ran into a film crew from France and got talking cameras. Found out they were here for the redbull cliff diving that is happening Saturday off of the top of the ICA into the bay. I told them I could get them into our buildingand they could get shots from the 14th floor. They jumped at the chance. On the way over I explained what MassChallenge is and they said they were doing a show on entrepreneurs in France. I then introduced them to one of the teams here at MC that are French. Funny how things work out like this. Here is to being friendly.

46. Intro Bumper

I am starting a show called SPTV for SKINNY prices Inc which will be a comical and fun fashion show which will help with marketing of my company. The show will be on my site but also on YouTube and other video sites. Anyone who watches the show will then want to check out the site. At least that is my theory to help drive traffic... Also, I am trying create a company that is not just about selling stuff. I trying to make the entire experience more entertaining and fun. Who says a shopping site can't have a show! And who says we can't build fans just like a television show or musician! Plus this is a ton of fun and that goes to my company beliefs that if you have fun with what you are doing the customers will too.

So with that being said... My show needs what is called a "bumper". This is the 15 or 30 second intro video before a show. I wanted to make it high energy and visually fun. It took me a while to learn adobe AfterEffect, PremierPro, Illistrator, Audition, and Photoshop. (Yes I used all of these programs and yes I am using the 30 day trial) Well here is my first try at a bumper: Enjoy the hell out of it because I f-in loving and it was a crap load of work.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

45. Company Culture

So I decided that I would love to have some company culture but being a team of one there is not much culture. So I'm going to try to get everyone here at MassChallenge (The business accelerator I'm in) to have some fun. I am officially making every Wednesday "Humorous Hat Hump Day!" I have secured the Twitter account @HHHDay and I want people to wear funny hats on Wednesdays and we will take pics and tweet them to #HHHDay. Feel free to join in. This made me laugh today and I ave already got a ton of smiles as I walk around. Hey... If your not having fun. Why bother! So grab a goofy hat and slap it on your head next Wednesday and snap a photo. I tell you this is going to catch on. All across the country Wednesday will be Humorous Hat Hump Day :)

Monday, August 15, 2011

43. Kinetic Word Video

I have been working on a Kinetic Word Video or also known as utilizing typography for video. Well, I did't know anything about this at the beginning of last week. I also didn't know how to use Adobe After Effects. It was a steep learning curve but I figured it out and I am happy with the results. Take a look at my 1 minute and 20 second video that I am using as a commercial and a how it works video to get customer's excited about the site.

42. Don't sell Apples

Great talk with Joshua Boger, founder CEO of Vertex Pharm. He explained that when looking for investors be very careful. There not your friends. Don't get caught in the game of selling apples. Don't let them try to evaluate your company on what this apple is worth and what they will get. You want to go get someone who wants to dance with you. They believe in your mission and supports you. Those are the types of investors you want.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

41. Designing an Experience

Talk with on U.I. and design here at MassChallenge:

Split test, split test, split test. Use
You should always be testing something at all times.

Crap design says "I don't care about you" to your customer.

Designing an experience is your goal not a site.

Advertising is the price you pay for being boring.

Don't follow the trends! Create new and be orginal. Solve your problems with design not just copying design that you think is cool.

Cutting your ambition in half. You're better off with a kickass half than a halfassed whole.

40. First Publication

First time my logo has been published. Mind you it is very tiny and listed with all the finalist but still. SKINNY prices logo is in INC. Magazine. Come on... That's pretty cool!

P.s. I'm in the right corner third from the top and one over. Go $P logo. Your famous.

39. Alpha Site BABY!

Well today is a proud day. I have reached one of my milestones and have released my alpha site. Now for those who don't now what an alpha site is: (Keep in mind this is my definition) It is hacked together version of your site that may not have all the functionality hard coded but allows you to test some of your hypothesizes.