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Friday, July 15, 2011

37. How I Landed a MONSTER Mentor

Getting into MassChallenge (The World's Largest Startup Competition and Accelerator Program) was just the start of an uphill battle to launch and succeed with my startup SKINNY prices Inc. Well, now that the first two weeks of boot camp are over, the next extremely important step is to find mentors to help you through the process of successfully creating a kick-ass company.

Today, I am happy to announce that I have landed serial entrepreneur and DJ extraordinaire Jeff Taylor the founder of,, and now Buffalo.djThis is one hell of a Monster Mentor and I'm going to tell you just how I did it.

1. I started by thanking Jeff for a talk he gave us here at MassChallenge on "Going Big or Going Home." My note of appreciation was meaningful and sincere - straight from the ol' ticker. This can go a long way if it truly comes from the heart.

2. I recognized how busy he is and got right to the point by stating, "I want you as a mentor." If you pussy foot around too much, you'll be wasting their time. So get to the point and keep it short.

3. I brought up how this experience will benefit him. Instead asking him what he can do for me, I told him what we can do together.
4. I pointed out his current interests in business and his known personal hobbies (Jeff has been a DJ for 39 years) and showed him how my interests aligned with his and how his strengths/experiences aligned with what I was trying to accomplish.

5. Then I gave him an EXTRA SMALL taste of what my business is trying to achieve. Jeff loves big ideas. I didn't even explain the concept, just the big idea behind it. (ie: World domination, cure cancer,  change the way people buy things online, etc.)

6. I painted a picture of the adventure and how much fun it was going to be.  Then invited him to come along for the ride!

7. Realizing how busy he is, I communicated that I was NOT going to be a needy startup nor require a ton of hand holding. It's true that mentors are generally volunteering their valuable time to help you, but don't go wasting their time by having them walk you through every step of the way. They're mentors, not co-founders.

8. I SHOWED him that I was a doer and sent him examples of projects that I have started and finished.

9. As a quintessential sales guy... I naturally "assumed the close" and moved forward with next steps.

10. I finished by thanking him for his time and added a little humor and personality to help seal the deal.

(NOTE: This method worked for me because it's just my style. If it's not your style then don't use it, but always remember to stay true to yourself).

Well I hope this helps other entrepreneurs land their own MONSTER Mentor.

If you have questions feel free to reach out to me in the comments section below.


  1. Wow, Jeff seems like a great entrepreneur!

  2. Great post! Jeff is indeed a well-respect serial entrepreneur. Seems like everything he touches turns to gold. Hope that means well for Skinny Prices. Thanks for the insight. Keep it up!