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Friday, July 22, 2011

38. "Risky Business"

There is a networking event called @BostonBoogie or #boogiedown. It is a startup networking event at Saint Boston from 9pm on. The premiss is to take a funny dance photo or dance video and then all those images and videos would be posted on The idea was to have a a lot of fun with it. So I thought it would be funny to do a parody on Tom Cruise cutting some rug in the movie Risky Business. Warren Paul Anderson of Inturnal Media shot my moves and did all the editing. Thanks Warren.

Friday, July 15, 2011

37. How I Landed a MONSTER Mentor

Getting into MassChallenge (The World's Largest Startup Competition and Accelerator Program) was just the start of an uphill battle to launch and succeed with my startup SKINNY prices Inc. Well, now that the first two weeks of boot camp are over, the next extremely important step is to find mentors to help you through the process of successfully creating a kick-ass company.

Today, I am happy to announce that I have landed serial entrepreneur and DJ extraordinaire Jeff Taylor the founder of,, and now Buffalo.djThis is one hell of a Monster Mentor and I'm going to tell you just how I did it.

1. I started by thanking Jeff for a talk he gave us here at MassChallenge on "Going Big or Going Home." My note of appreciation was meaningful and sincere - straight from the ol' ticker. This can go a long way if it truly comes from the heart.

2. I recognized how busy he is and got right to the point by stating, "I want you as a mentor." If you pussy foot around too much, you'll be wasting their time. So get to the point and keep it short.

3. I brought up how this experience will benefit him. Instead asking him what he can do for me, I told him what we can do together.
4. I pointed out his current interests in business and his known personal hobbies (Jeff has been a DJ for 39 years) and showed him how my interests aligned with his and how his strengths/experiences aligned with what I was trying to accomplish.

5. Then I gave him an EXTRA SMALL taste of what my business is trying to achieve. Jeff loves big ideas. I didn't even explain the concept, just the big idea behind it. (ie: World domination, cure cancer,  change the way people buy things online, etc.)

6. I painted a picture of the adventure and how much fun it was going to be.  Then invited him to come along for the ride!

7. Realizing how busy he is, I communicated that I was NOT going to be a needy startup nor require a ton of hand holding. It's true that mentors are generally volunteering their valuable time to help you, but don't go wasting their time by having them walk you through every step of the way. They're mentors, not co-founders.

8. I SHOWED him that I was a doer and sent him examples of projects that I have started and finished.

9. As a quintessential sales guy... I naturally "assumed the close" and moved forward with next steps.

10. I finished by thanking him for his time and added a little humor and personality to help seal the deal.

(NOTE: This method worked for me because it's just my style. If it's not your style then don't use it, but always remember to stay true to yourself).

Well I hope this helps other entrepreneurs land their own MONSTER Mentor.

If you have questions feel free to reach out to me in the comments section below.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

35. Video Studio Build

So... finally I have all the pics from the build and thought I would put them up. We also did a time lapse of the entire build and will put that up after it is done rendering. (which is taking forever) So that will be coming soon.

Here we metal framed up the shap to the video studio.

Started hanging the drywall and added a window for people to look in and see what was being video taped or photographed.

This was the labor intensive part of cutting each angle and then finish nailing it in place so that we could create the infinite background of what in the industry they call a cyclorama or also referred to as " I shot that in a cyc". This how Mac commercials have the actors standing in the infinite white space and you don't known if the edge of the room is 10 ft or 10 miles away. It add to the production  look of anything you shoot. But boy is it a bitch to build.

Then we nailed down 4x8 sheets of vinyl backer board that you would see in a men's bathroom to cover the walls. We chose this because it was very flexible. I did see "online" that people have used thin plywood but it was much more of a bitch to work with.

So we cut so many angles with the jigsaw that we created enough sawdust to start our own paper mill.

I decided to use magnetic paint as the backer before the final white coat so that teams can print magnetic signs and have the stick to the wall and give a professional look at a cheap cost.

Here is it is after the final coat of paint. By the way... What a bitch it was to cover the magnetic paint. We used 3 coats of primer and then 3 coats of paint to finally get everything perfectly white with no bleed through. So if you do this be ready to do a lot of coats of paint. Also we used eggshell for the type of paint. Semigloss was to shiny and flat would mark up way to easily. Egg shell was a happy medium.

Finally I build some tresses so that I could hang all our lights. I just used metal studding to do this. Word of caution!!! This stuff is dam sharp so wear gloves. I lesson I had to learn the hard way.

Gloves are highly recommended!!!

34. First Photo/Video Shoot

Well we decided to break the studio in by having my lovely Julia come in and do a photo shoot with my Ducati to see if all our hard work would pay off and give us some really great shots. Well it went great. We had a ton of fun and the studio kicks ass. p.s. These are a few camera phone pics. I shot everything with a Nikon D80 and they came out fantastic but I will have to upload those later.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

33. Ribbon Cutting for Studio

Well finished the video studio with Warren today and we decided to have a ribbon cutting for all the hard work we did. We brought up my Ducati and decided to put it in the cyclorama so after the ribbon cutting we could do a photo shoot later on tonight. Here is a video the kick off.

32. Finished Bootcamp 4 and 5

Well the week ended and it was bootcamp 4 and 5 was very motivating. I really enjoyed Colin Angle the founder of iRobot. It was interested to hear that he failed over 14 times and over 12 years before he finally succeed. It is talks like this that have really motivated to kick ass with my start up.

Well now that bootcamp is over I need to finished the video studio and find mentor to match up with me. I have few mentor matching events to attend so hopefully I will find some great mentors to sky rocket my growth. I also just attended a speed founder dating event which is suppose to help you build a team but I didn't find anyone who was in my space. Oh well.

31. Redbull Extreme Sailing

After bootcamp 3 we had the kick off for the fourth of July Weekend with Rebull Extreme Sailing 40 footers. It was right outside our building and was a nice way to end the week. I also include a pic of the giant bonfire we built on our beach for the fourth of July. I topped it with a plastic frosty the snowman and we called it Christmas in July. Great weekend.