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Monday, June 27, 2011


O.K. Sorry. I have not been updating the blog but no one really was following the blog other than my one follower. (You go #1 fan) And I made the cut at MassChallenge and got into the business accelerator program. It has been a world wind for the last month. I had to move out of the space, helped MassChallenge with the assembling office furniture, built a video studio for the space, moved back in, and now today is the first day of boot camp. I have not been in front of the computer the last few weeks with all the construction projects and volunteering my time. It was a great recharge of my batteries but now I am ready to kick some ass. I will post pics of all video studio build and we also did a time lapse of the build which I will post.

So Bill Warner (of Avid Technologies) has been my favorite speaker so far. He basically said to follow your heart and don't be a "best fit business." In other words be an outlaw... don't always listen to the traditional way A.K.A the business world would do it. Do it with soul and heart and that is what builds great companies not following the traditional matrix. I really liked his advice and I think of myself as a maverick so I will try my best to filter all the business advice I get and stay true to my idea of what I want my business to be.

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