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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

17. Equity compensation in high tech

A piece of the Pie "Equity compensation for emerging companies" one broadway, cambridge ma at british consulate-gerneral boston.
Richard Lucash, Travis Drouin, Theo Sharp, Christine Moore

So what I learned...
1.First of if there is a meeting at 7:30a.m most likely everyone in the place is going to be in suits. So maybe showing up in motorcycle gear and a RedSox jersey might not make me fit in too well. But hell! I'm trying to make an impression. (I want people to say. i have seen that guy every where and I'm hard to miss with a faux hawk and loud attire.
2. Equity compensation is very complicated. I learned most companies are being acquire vs the traditional route of an I.P.O. and because of that the company purchasing you wants to make sure key employees stay on board. So you can have everyone cash out when you get your pay day or they wont buy you. Never thought of that angle...
3. The equity compensation for employees, investors, and founders can be very tricky when it comes to the tax side of things. How are taxes going to be paid? What about valuations? Some types of equity is more favorable when you are looking at it from the tax angle.
4. Never knew there were consultants that specialize in just equity compensation. (Pearl Meyer & Partners) I talked to Theo Sharp and he had some great advice for me and also told me we could talk a lot more "off the clock" because he knows us startups are scrapping penny's together every day. So that was a grat connection I made.

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