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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

4. What I wish I had known before my first product launch

The Alchemist Series brings Silicon Valley to your home!  LIVE STREAMING

At the panel, Loic Le Meur (Seesmic), Elaine Wherry (Meebo), and George Zachary (Charles River Ventures) will share their thoughts on what to consider before launching a product. The panel is moderated by Ravi Belani (Startup advisor and seed investor).

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When: Wednesday, March 23 7:00PM – 8:30PM PST
Panel Topic: What I Wish I Had Known Before My First Product Launch
Where: Live streaming from San Francisco, CA. 

The Alchemist Series is an entrepreneurship panel discussions series that explores significant milestones in the trajectory of the development of a business. The intent is to provide a toolkit to accelerate the progress over six sessions. The events are held in the evenings on the 4th Wednesday of the months of September, November, January, March, May, and July from 2010– 2011. The venue host is Greenberg Traurig's office in San Francisco.

This webinar was interesting to watch. Mind it was a late one for me here on the east coast but it is great to get the perspective from people in silicon valley. The biggest take away I learned is to ship soon and ship fast. Basically get your product out to a small group of users and learn from them and keep making adjustments to it. the old way of developing a product to what you think is perfection and then doing a big hype up for the launch is very dangerous. You are setting the expectations very high and most of the time the features that you think are great are not rally what the end users really like. This kinda ties in what I have been hearing from the concept of the lean startup approach. That you should be doing tons of A/B testing. Using landing pages to test your MVP (minimum viable product) and always be adjusting your product to the feedback and needs of your user. Don't get tied up with mentors, the board, or even experts in the field. Stay close to the user and work off of that. 

George Zachary said something very interesting... The companies that he sees that are successful the board is always two steps behind the entrepreneur and always playing catch up. The companies that are not doing so great are the ones were the boards get nervous or have anxiety and try to start helping out too much and start making the decisions. You being the entrepreneur should be close to your customer and know the way more than what the board about where your product is going. It is product market fit that is the most important thing and anyone who gets in your way with that you need to get rid of or work around.

So I'm would love to write more but I am absolutely exhausted and I'm getting up at 5:30 am tomorrow so I bid all a good night. And also sorry but there i no way to post any kind of pics other than very sleepy me watching my laptop in bed with my head phones so I don't wake my significant other. Heck I will snap a photo and post that... 

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