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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

10. Newport Interactive Marketers Networking Event

Learn and leverage video for your brand success with Newport Interactive Marketers
Christies 14 Perry Mill Wharf Newport, RI 02840
Event Details: Why video? Patrick Hughes of Visual Post  “Video is the most engaging format online. Video adds authenticity. People want to work with people: Videos bring your personality back into your online presence.”   NIM is excited to host online video

So it was a long drive from MassChallenge to Newport but it was worth it. I got some great take aways and learned a lot from the event. Video is going to be a very integral part of my business so was very effective to learn more from some experts.

So I bought a Kodak Zi8 camcorder for $79 from Officemax. What a great price. It was marked down from $179 to get people into the store and I also spent over a $100 and had a coupon that knocked off another $25 bucks. What a GREAT deal. So anyway... At the even they actually talked about my new camera because it has an external microphone which is so important. Hearing that they liked the camera made me feel good about my buy.

So here is the LED light they recommended for only $90 bucks. You can adjust the brightness and it runs off a rechargeable battery or in a jam you can even use AA batteries. Great light for the money.

Patrick Hughes of Visual Posts' tips for video marketing for business:
Scott Quillan of New England Multimedia's tips on YouTube optimization:

I recorded my first video last night and I'm going to upload it now. This will be a lot quicker and I bet a lot more fun for you guys if I post more videos than just writing stuff. Well here we go. Let's see if it works.
p.s. Sorry I had no tripod. I left it at the office and don't mind the zit on my forehead. Hahaha

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  1. The video quality is good for a $79 camcorder. Looking forward to your video content from now on!