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Saturday, March 26, 2011

8. Blogging on the go

I just figured out that there is an android app for blogger. So I just downloaded it and I'm testing it out. Hope this works so I can update everyone a lot easier than always needing to get to the computer.
Side note: I went looking for bean bags today... walmart = nope so headed to Target which was another goose egg. How about Jordan's Furniture, Bernie & Phyls, and IKEA. Yup! That also would be a no go. I felt like an old yellow book commercial. (You should have let your fingers do the walking) I know I can get them online but I didn't want to have to wait for delivery but beggers can't choosers so I guess I wil order the 6ft one I found on
Also, in case I didn't explain, I have had a knot in my neck all week. So for those who haven't taken into account how much time you will spend in front of a computer (like I didn't take into account) try to figure out different sitting positions and move around a lot when your coding or your going end up with a pain in your neck... literally! 


  1. Now that I just looked at this... Yes I was blogging from my phone when I had my laptop right in front of me. That's pretty funny but I wanted to test the mobile blogging and yes it worked. Plus I was buying the bean bag on the computer. "Talk about multi-tasking"


  2. Change that!!! I changed my mind and bought a bean bag from because I could get in my purple logo color and also get it with SKINNYprices embroidered on it. I will post a pic when it arrives. :)